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Taft Robotics

The Official Website of the Taft Toreadors Robotics Team

Welcome to the official website of the Taft Toreadors Robotics Team. 

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We are always looking for new members! If you attend Taft Charter High School of Woodland Hills, California, stop by room H-139 (the Annex) located on the Service Road. To other teams, we are always ready to scrimmage! To contact us, email us at or message LilTree on the Vex Forum.

Established in 2017, the Taft Toreadors Robotics Team is truly one of a kind. We pride ourselves on being an entirely student-led organization, something many other teams are not. All students learn engineering, design, and coding from a peer-led curriculum. This allows students to effectively understand key concepts and learn the ability to explain and teach it to others. They then use their skills to design unique and efficient robots to compete with.


Who's house? T-House!

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